About Us

Podere Sant’Antonio is the place where my roots run deep.
My father along with my family have taken steps into the agritourism business back in 2000. I was born here, and this is my greatest passion. I put all my energy to ensure that the guests can ‘breath in’ the true essence of Tuscany, through warm hospitality, a genuine smile, and the desire to let them fully experience this magical place, where they can relax, observing a landscape made of olive trees, orchards, vineyards, and much more. Passing down the traditions of the Tuscan farm heritage, rediscovering the synergy with beneficial insects such as our bees, and teaching the respect for a our generous land are just a few of the things that matter deeply to us.

Our history

Villa Artemisia with Sant’Antonio Agritourism (Ex Villa – “Ganni” or “Criscuolo” Agritourism).

This Villa-Agritourism has existed since the end of the 1700s and was known as “the hunting lodge” at the start of the 1800s. The first known “cadastral” of the Villa begin in 1858, with the Leopoldino Land Registry Map. Between the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s, the property was altered and took on a similar resemblance to that which exists today (even if the second floor, the balconies and the fish tank were added between 1920 and 1925; and the outer wall was added during the ‘40s).

Annexed to the Villa, there were two farms called ‘Saint Henry’ and ‘Saint Antonio’, which passed through numerous owners from the second half of the 1800s. Initially, surveyed as property of the noble family, Filicchi, however, in 1873 it was bought by Mr. Gustavo Tabet Grazialdo (late Leone); Then, after only three years, the property belonged to Mr. Prato Giovanna and Grechi Filomena. In 1899, the property was bought by Mr. Rignano Guido and then, in 1903, it was sold again to Mrs. Ester Tedesco (and others). After two years, the property was sold again and was bought by Mr. Torello Luigi, the property remained in this family until 1923, the year in which it was bought by Mrs. Anna Fiorini – Ganni (from which the property took its name ‘Ganni, Villa Anna’).

Eleven years later, the Villa-Farm was sold to Mr. Cecchi Oreste di Clemente, until in 1937, it was bought by Mr. Giovacchino Criscuolo, of Genoa, who owned the property until 1961, the latter was an accountant of the Achilles Lauro Society.

The family Criscuolo had five children, three sons and two daughters, three of which never married. For this reason, the Villa was at the time given the nickname “la Villa degli Scapoli” by the inhabitants of Fauglia, meaning “the Villa of the Singletons”.

In 1961, the property was bought by Mr. Adelchi Regis D’Angin (who gave the Villa the name “Artemisia”, Sagebrush, in remembrance of his mother). In 1974 , Mrs. Adele Rossetti, a theatre actress, owned the property. The property remained in the family Rossetti until 1993, the year in which it was bought by the family Giuseppe and Antonietta Bernardini, who restored the property, both internally and externally.


At Sant’Antonio Agritourism, as well as offering clients traditional Tuscan-style apartments, surrounded by a vast parkland and a wonderful swimming pool, 15 x 6 metres long, we also offer our clients many activities onsite and nearby. At Podere, our clients can use the bicycles, play ping pong and football. Also for younger children there is a swing and various games. Our clients can enjoy relaxing walks, or even a morning jog at Podere, where not many cars pass the roads and walks are serenaded by the singing of the birds. Near Sant’Antonio holiday home, there are numerous riding stables, where with fee, clients can go horse riding or take horse riding lessons.

Local amenities and special offers

Also, we would like to present our clients with a special offer: Our Podere has an agreement with the wellness centre Centro Benessere Eudora (Cenaia), where our clients may use the gym for free (weights room) and participate for free in courses, including: heat Program, Spinning, Step, Weight room equipped Techno-gym and anything else which could aid your wellbeing. This offer does not stop at just the fitness area, but our clients may also have discounts in the Beautician. Eudora Beautician is entirely dedicated to beauty treatments, essential for a mind-body wellness. Our clientele have special promotions for face/body treatments (Toning, Firming, Thinning, Relax, Stone, Tribe massages and Hydro-massages, Personal make-up, etc..) and also discounts for hair removal, solarium, manicures and much more! Concerning health safety, we guarantee there is always a doctor reachable. For those who enjoy nights out, there are many discos and pubs about 20 minutes away by car, there are also traditional pubs in close to the property. About 20 minutes away by car, there are water parks and entertainment.